Every Leader wants the same things. We want a team of people who share the same vision, who are fully committed to the cause, and who serve with unwavering passion!

This doesn’t have to be mere wishful thinking. In just four weeks, this can be your team! That’s right! You can transform your people into a finely tuned, synergistic team of unstoppable, passionate leaders and workers! Like anything, it is simply a matter of knowing and working an effective plan.


Essential Heart Physics:

Includes 9 CD’s + Heart Monitor Workbook

The one essential element that has been absent from team building in the modern church is the heart! We have sought to build teams around intellectual agreement. The power and passion of the Church in the book of Acts was they had one heart and one soul (Acts 4:32)! Through synchronicity, you will join your team at the heart. They will share the same vision! When you have the power of a shared vision, you can accomplish anything!

Dr. James B. Richards draws from years of effective team building to share the key elements every team member must hold in his or her heart in order to create synchronicity. Synchronicity is the “seemingly coincidental” order of events that are meaningfully related. In other words, all the people on your team start to think and act in a way that synchronizes every effort. Everything falls together to work for your good!

Through this program, you will develop yourself as a leader beyond anything you have ever known. Every skill you presently possess will be multiplied ten-fold. Something will happen in your heart that sets you on a new course to fulfilling your dreams, living your destiny, and answering the call of God on your life. You will leave discouragement behind! You will be unstoppable, unbeatable, and unwavering in living your call!

By sharing this program with your team, you will develop the same level of passion and commitment in every team member. Just imagine what will happen when every team member takes ownership of the vision! And picture what it will be like when there are no secret agendas. Everyone will be propelled by the same vision.

When everyone sees the same vision, they are guided and motivated by God’s internal direction. All of their creativity and energy are empowered by God’s grace to propel them toward the fulfillment of the goal. When everyone shares the same vision, you create a tsunami of energy that moves you toward the vision at an incredible pace, with undeniable peace. In just four short weeks, you and your team can function at a level of effectiveness that you never thought possible!

You too can experience synchronicity, the power of a shared vision!!!!

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