Heart Physics® Testimonials

About two years ago while speaking with one of the team members at Impact Ministry, I learned about a life changing program called “Heart Physics Essentials.”  It introduced me to God in a manner that no other program or book has ever done.  It taught me to communicate with Him at a heart level that really WORKS!  So when I heard about Dr. Richard’s seminar, which was based on the “Heart Physics” modules and the book, entitled, “Anatomy of a Miracle,” I packed my bags and together with my daughter, Stephanie, I boarded a plane for Huntsville, Alabama.

On Saturday July 18, 2009 we arrived for a jam packed weekend consisting of ten amazing sessions of information built on Biblical and Scientific concepts expressed in areas such as the Body/Mind Connection, EFT, Meditation, Identifying Core Beliefs (which can hold you back), and much more.  We were challenged to put these concepts into practice that very night while in our Hotel room!  And we did.  The Heart Physics program helps you to understand exactly who you are in Christ and brings you to a place of freedom and acceptance that many people can only hope for.  I strongly suggest this program for those who are searching to find true  purpose and identity.  Believe it or not, the judgment of God has been put to rest through the man, Jesus.  You are truly loved.

Diana Rock


I would like to say thank you for all that you’re doing. My life has changed so much over the past year since I’ve read and listened to your teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m not the same person that I once was. I’ve daily committed to living free from the power of sin. I use to allow sin to take over my life. I use to think it was just “small” stuff. But, now I have come to realize that all that “small” stuff was sin, and it consumed my life.

Jim always said “Don’t think of trying to fix yourself, because if you do, on a subconscious level you must always be broken in order to have a reason to follow God.” The journey of the heart is such a paradox, to hunger for wholeness but accept where I am, to want change but stay in a place of rest, to feel something missing and be happy that I’ll find it on the way, to hunger for it all now but love the fact that I will spend my lifetime discovering it.
Thank you, Jim, for encouraging us to stay at peace, accept ourselves, and focus more on enjoying God than fixing us. I learned I must embrace where I am or there will be little transformation. Thank you for a fantastic weekend.

Thomas Amsden


I went all the way through h.p. and never got much beyond closing my eyes without losing awareness. I still felt good throughout the day even though I was angry all the time. I have always been angry but didn’t know it. Now I know it and that makes me happy. (So “I” of me)

I am going back through the set again but using week four cd since getting to the alpha state is not a problem for me. I stayed alert the entire time and wow! was it amazing!! Now I know I have been mad at me and all the sabotage I have been feeling was from me! I am looking forward to not being mad at me anymore. (I take it out on the kids and my husband and am a sweetie pie to the public. Who knew such a happy person could be so mean.)

I have lost 15 pounds without trying. I am not craving things that sabotage – even throw away the cappuccino after a few sips.

Work is going well, the kids are doing great in school and my husband and I are close…

I just had to send you a note regarding the Heart Physics program I bought last week. As you know my roommate and I came to Huntsville last weekend and were ministered to in a powerful way. It’s hard to believe that such a church exist where the people are free to be themselves and are not controlled and manipulated. I bought several books and the Heart Physics program. We felt so loved and accepted.

We started the Heart Physics programs and I began having incredible results from day one. After the first day I awakened with such peace and totally pain free. I have a lot of neck and jaw pain and usually awaken in pain. I awakened very relaxed and pain free.

On day 3 I had a memory surface from 25 years ago! A man I knew had committed suicide and I had felt responsible for his death, because of some things I said. During the relaxation CD God brought the memory of the situation back to me. I told myself that after the meditation I would deal with it. When we finished the meditation I confessed to my roommate that for years I had felt responsible for this man’s death.

Before I could even tell her how the man died the Lord immediately told her that the man had committed suicide and it had been planned for a long time and that I was not responsible. I released all the guilt and shame associated with that memory and felt such freedom. I think it was buried so deep that I did not even know that I was holding onto shame and guilt about the incident.

My roommate had dropped out of college due to financial difficulties and had been told many times that she was to commit her life to her “church”. She really believed that her life was to totally be committed to a church, but felt very hopeless and apathetic. Nothing gave her any joy and yet she felt she was “doing all the right things”. By day 2 she was starting to view things differently and is now excited about a new career and going back to school.

So far the benefits have been extreme relaxation and peace. New hope for the future. Pain relief. Deliverance from shame and guilt associated with former memories. I am looking forwarded to continued healing as we go into week two. May God Bless all of you wonderful people.

I have enjoyed this last series very much and find that with each series I listen to (and many I listen to more than once), my life changes more and more.  I have experienced such a freedom that comes from knowing and ‘feeling’ who I am in Jesus.  I have prayed for what I have today for as long as I can remember but back then, I never knew what that actually looked like in real life.  Through Jim’s teaching I have learned how to visualize who I am in Jesus, and as a result am able to ‘see’ myself through the eyes of God more and more.  I am able to let go of the judgments when I do something I think I shouldn’t have and don’t beat myself up anymore for ‘being bad’.  I am so very thankful for Jim’s teaching.  It truly has changed my thinking, the beliefs of my heart and ultimately my life.  It feels so good to have ‘life’ happen but not attach the significance to it and therefore the judgments and self condemnation.  Many times I will have something happen that would, previously, have put me into a tailspin but today I know a difference I have never experienced before.  My patterns are changing and it is because my heart is turning to the finished work of Jesus rather than my own efforts to be righteous.  What Jim says about transformation being positive, painless, permanent and effortless is so true.  I am experiencing it on a day to day basis and the feeling of freedom and love is wonderful.  God has done so much for me through Jim’s teaching and I am so very thankful.

Swift Current, SK

I have received the Heart Physics package and I think it is brilliant. I am toying with the idea of buying a set for my dad. Amongst other areas of life this package is helping me (would you believe) in track cycling. I am 47 of age and about 2 years ago I started a sport called track cycling. We race on a velodrome. It is a very intense sport. This is the first sport I ever competed in my life and smoking and drinking till the age of 30.

Anyhow, in the first 2 years the only race s I’d would ever win was the occasional handicap race were I would get a big head start over a short distance making it very difficult not to win. All other races in C grade I would usually finish last or 2nd last. This had been going on for 2 years.

However after receiving Heart Physics I started visualizing myself as a winning cyclist and as a good cyclist. This really increased my self-belief and two weeks ago I won my first ever C grade race (without a head start). No one in my race could catch me. I have a very positive “feeling” when I race now and I know now I am quite a capable cyclist and a force to be reckoned with. (Instead of coming last or second last for 2 years) Last week I entered a B grade race, which is a higher grade, and for the first time ever I actually earned points in this race. Although I use Heart Physics mainly in other areas my cycling has increased immensely just by believing that I am a good cyclist and letting this permeate my whole being. I know there are many more wins in store for me now.

My son, who will be ten on April 4th has been doing just the heart exercise part of the program every morning before he gets out of bed and he has now become very cool in school. He says its “freaky” when Jesus steps inside of him!

Branson was amazing. (I also need to give some feedback to Jim which I will do). It was a very positive transforming experience. I have been meditating and listening to the CD’s and my life is still continually being transformed. In all my life I have never experienced such peace, assurance and confidence. Effortless, painless, permanent transformation is taking place on a daily basis. I love living with this confidence, assurance and peace. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have attended the conference. My two friends loved the experience. I thank God for you all and that Jim Richards has the courage to follow God wholeheartedly and take this message to the world.

Dear DrRichards,
I just wanted to thank you for designing the Heart physics program . I was skeptical of the program at first and did not understand why we would need to use relaxation techniques to find our way into intimacy and that quiet place with Jesus but what I have learned is that through many years of wrong teaching and theologies and lies of the enemy that divine inner connection that I received when we asked Jesus into our heart becomes clouded and short circuited so to speak and the relaxation techniques is a way to help find that connection that has always been there and just need reconnection. Jesus said that we are to enter as a child with child like faith and I am able to find that intimately time and quietness of meditation very quickly.I have this picture in my mind of Jesus being my oasis in the desert storms of life. Even though we go through trials because we live in a fallen world He really is our refuge.. our high tower and our safe place to rest and abide. I just finished the four week program today and definitely feel a difference in my heart. I feel more peaceful and more sensitive to the Holy Spirit with in. I am looking forward to taking other heart physics programs.

Terrie from Canada

This was one of the most incredible weekends ..moment by moment you felt a deeper sense of the power, peace and Gods ability in you. The sense of purpose for anything you would like to do or feel called to do became so easily entreated.  DrRichards opened up so many thing that have seemed to be hard to understand…now  they have become so exciting! I feel enriched and blessed to have been in attendance, and to help others to know the Lord in such a peaceful way.

Vivian Darnell


Hi and I pray you are having a wonderful and I know prosperous day. Well where do I start…This has been a journey regarding heart physics. One morning I boarded a train call I Am Track and my destination soon to find out was called In His Presence.

I was a little apprehensive since I had never taken this journey before. I was very excited because I love road trips. I sat down and listened to the conductor and liked his voice. I felt relaxed and interested in what he had to say. At first I was leery and then I settled in. I loved the teachings and then the exercise to reach and abide in the secret place with God was overwhelming and exciting. In a quiet and peaceful setting I was for the first time listening to my heart inwardly with the clear instructions.

I was so thrilled that I was going to meet with Jesus, face to face that when I stepped out of the elevator and sat down and there he was coming towards me I started to weep, not cry but weep. He told me not to take everything to heart and then the most incredible thing happened. I felt His breath in mine and mine in His and this incredible feeling of security and safety and peace flooded my total being, a complete awareness of who I am in Him. Really!!!

What a ride!! WOW The changes have been that I feel soft and confident, tranquil like never before, I’m smiling more that even when one of my members tell me something disturbing I just nod and stay focused on Jesus and that Secret Place. Hallelujah. Week one went by so fast that I could hardly wait until week 2 day 1 to get started. I noticed that I am controlling my emotions with a positive attitude. If I start to get ruffled I quiet myself and immediately go to that Secret Place while I’m dealing with a situation. It’s Great!!

I am become more relaxed with a greater awareness of my breathing and when it looks negative I just exhale and release it while it is going on around me. This is so exciting that I can do this while others are in crisis I stop, breath wait, and begin the process. My breathing is different not outwardly but inwardly, getting in touch with me. BIG STEP!!

Here’s the deal, when I am breathing and releasing the stress I see my face getting younger and same thing with my body. Everything will be restored, I have too much to do for the Kingdom of God to feel and look stressed. A costless facelift. Ha, Ha. I love to review my goals and remove contaminated behavior.

I loved the saying that I will only do what I feel I am empowered to do. I say 10 times a day…. I can’t wait till the next day so I can continue. I noticed if I don’t start in the morning that I feel unstable during the day. I ‘m not living life on my sleeve as I am focused inwardly. I love this program.. I can’t wait till we are in Branson. I am so committed to this and want to learn it so well so I can help so many hurting people. Like the Lord their hearts are so important to me. I know this is long, however I can take this everywhere I go and do. I just close my eyes and I’m there. I pray for DrRichards and Impact Ministries every morning before I get started.

I would like to share my personal testimony that I have experienced doing Module 1 of Heart Physics.

Firstly, I will never be the same again! My goodness the healing and freedom that Jesus has revealed in my heart has literally blown me away! 

Stuff/trauma that I wasn’t even aware that I had still been carrying for more than 17years was totally removed and healed! To have experienced Jesus stepping physically into my body and me stepping into Him and us becoming One…has absolutely changed my life!! GOSH! 

This process has been the MOST gentle form of open heart surgery EVER!! It has been so incredibly life giving and life CHANGING…Thank you Jesus for providing the blue prints to Jim Richards!

The physical differences that I have noticed in my body include loss of weight, my fingernails are way stronger than ever, my awareness of other people’s emotions, my physical strength being significantly stronger! There is so much tangible change in my life! I feel so incredibly and fully ALIVE! These things are like NOTHING I have ever encountered before! To have a profound new understanding of what it is and actually means to Abide in Christ!! I am speechless! Everything I need is found IN Jesus!! Knowing Jesus is now IN me and we are One has changed my view of my body, what I hear, how I treat and speak about myself! This new awareness has changed the way I consider life itself!

I can’t help but tell everyone about this course who are willing to listen! They too will never be the same again through the AMAZING grace of God! All glory and honour to Jesus!