Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the most out of Heart Physics?
  1. Listen to all the instructions and follow them
  2. Listen to the CDs/DVDs/MP3s in the proper order
  3. If you have questions or reservations, read the FAQs or the Meditation Scriptures
  4. Use headphones for all meditation exercises
  5. Don’t over analyze the process
Why is meditation important?

Meditation is the process whereby the information in our mind becomes a reality in our heart. Information does not change our life until it is in our heart!

The number one reason people have problems with Heart Physics®!

They do not follow the instructions. If people read, listened to the introductory teaching, and read the scripture references, they would decide if they see this in the scripture or not!

Additionally, the Introductory CD’s and the fast start instructions provide what to do and when to do it, step-by-step.

I’m not getting the results I want?

First and most importantly, Essential Heart Physics® is about one thing: experiencing “Christ in your heart”. If you have a different goal or intention, you will not experience the one and only reason for doing this program. The only goal of Heart Physics® is to get into communion with Jesus and learn to follow you heart. If you went into this with any other goal, you were trying to control the process.

The majority of believers are so accustomed to “leading the Lord” they don’t know how to be led. Don’t try to make the program go where you want it to go. As you allow Christ in you to lead the process, you will find yourself experiencing what you need to experience in the sequence that deals with your deepest issues.

I have trouble visualizing?

If you can’t visualize, just use your imagination. The experience will be just as great. In time, as you continue doing heart work, you will rediscover the ability to visualize. Everyone can visualize, they have just forgotten how! Jesus said we had to be like little children. Little children imagine and visualize. Almost all people who say they cannot visualize actually can visualize negative or sinful events.

Here are some visualization exercises:

  • Hold your hand up with a bright light behind it. Stare directly at it for about a minute. Then, instantly shut your eyes and you will still see it. After it fades, just think about what your hand looked like. Repeat it several times.
  • Think about a past event that you really enjoyed. Try to remember everything about it… the people involved, where you were, the sights, and sounds. As you think about it, shift your eyes up and to the right. At some point, close your eyes and see how many of the factors you can remember in such a way that it is like seeing them.
  • Look around your room. Study every detail. Close your eyes and then describe everything in as much detail as possible.

Don’t think that visualization is always actually seeing a picture. It is more like remembering something in clear detail. You may see it in your imagination, or see it as a picture.

If you can’t visualize, you can still have a powerful experience by simply imagining. The key is that you experience it.

Isn’t visualization New Age?

No! Visualization is a God given capacity that we can use for good or evil. God created us; our every capability is God-given. Many New Testament words imply using our imagination and visualization abilities.

I have trouble feeling or having the experience?

Everyone has the ability to feel and experience. But most of us have only trained ourselves to do it about negative or fearful things. Just as you taught yourself to experience fear by what you think about, you will develop your ability to experience love, peace, joy, and all other healthy emotions.

I go to sleep when I’m doing the exercise?

If you awaken when I count you up, you weren’t asleep. Don’t worry about it; just keep doing the program. Many times, the sensation of going to sleep is a subconscious way to avoid your anticipation of having a negative experience. After you get into a relaxed state, simply tell yourself, “I choose to stay awake, alert and aware through this exercise. I will only experience positive healthy things that contribute to my relationship with Jesus.”

Is this hypnosis?

No! This is biblical meditation. The process of getting relaxed is a tool we use in the modern world because most people are so stressed they cannot get in touch with their heart. When we are tense, stressed, angry, or experiencing other negative emotions, there is a mechanism that block the voice of God in our heart. Without the relaxation process, you would be limited to only experiencing what’s in your mind.

Is this New Age?

No! New Age is generalization of an accumulation of different teachings, many are from the Bible many are not.  In the end, all religions and philosophies use many of the same tools. The difference is what do we use them for? Satanists quote the Bible but that doesn’t make the Bible of the devil. Meditation is in the Bible, Hinduism, Buddhism and all major religions. But that doesn’t make meditation of the devil. We are looking to, listening for and communicating with God the Father through the Lord Jesus. The intention of the heart is what makes this or anything else good or evil.

How many times should I do this?

As long as you allow the Lord to lead your experience, you will experience something new every time you repeat the program. Some people repeat the program continuously until the sense that it is time to move on. Some people go back and do it again every year. This is part of learning to listen to your heart. You’re only finished when your heart gives you a release to move on.

The basic modules are designed to follow a specific progression that moves you from experiencing the abiding presence of Christ in you, to experiencing the death burial and resurrection, to being able to identify and put off any destructive beliefs and put on your true identity in Christ.

Ultimately, we want every believer to be able to connect with God in their own heart any time, any place, regardless of their circumstance. Additionally, we want them to have such an awareness of Christ in them that they are able to always follow the leading of the Lord with comfort and ease.

My pastor says meditation is dangerous?

Then your pastor either has not read, does not understand, or does not believe what the Bible says about it. God tells us to meditate on his Word. In fact, Jesus told us the degree of thought, study, and meditation we give to the word we hear determines the life we get from it (Mark 4:24-25). Unless we ponder, consider, meditate, and take ownership of the Word, it can be stolen from us.

The Bible says Satan can present himself as an angel of light. How do I know it's not Satan I am seeing?

Satan would never tell you to believe on Jesus, trust the finished work of Jesus, or make Jesus your Lord. But most important: Jesus said you cannot ask for bread and get a stone, or ask for a fish and get a serpent.  You have to trust the faithfulness of God.

As a whole, believers tend to have an unscriptural, over-exaggerated belief about who the devil is, how much power he has, and his ability to function in the life of the believer. To get a more Biblical view of the devil, read my book, Satan Unmasked.

People are only deceived when they do not know and believe the Bible as the Word of God!

How do you set your intentions?

Believe it or not, everything about what you notice, believe, feel, experience, and ultimately make happen, is the result of your intention. When you intend or decide what you want to happen in your life, everything in you begins to move you toward that intention. If you fail to decide, you will be driven by the emotions or circumstances of the moment. All faith starts with deciding, i.e. setting your intentions (See “Why do I have to use the Heart Monitor” below).

I don’t understand what I’m supposed to write in the Heart Monitor?

Go back and listen to the instructions on the first CDs. Primarily, you’ll write any positive changes you notice in the way you think or feel while doing the Heart Physics® program. Read the two following Q&A. 

Why do I have to use the Heart Monitor?

People are usually programmed to notice the bad things more than the good things. They are more moved by their failures than their successes. Plus, things can be going really well and if one thing goes wrong, it is if we instantly get spiritual amnesia. We immediately forget all of the progress we’ve made and become pessimistic and discouraged.

The Heart Monitor is a way to monitor your progress. Just the act of writing it down changes the way we relate to it mentally and emotionally. It becomes part of our “owned-reality.”  Any experience we do not own and actuate is lost. Plus, when we do have set backs, we are able flip through the pages of our Heart Monitor, review our progress, and instantly pull ourselves out of the darkness.

The Heart Monitor is also very essential in establishing goals at the beginning of the program. The simple act of writing our goals has a profound power to set our life on the course we have chosen, rather than be driven by the current of circumstance. It can be the first step in setting your intention.

The Heart Monitor is the most undervalued part of the progress yet offers an incredible amount of support for the entire program. Overall, it serves as a way of reprogramming the way we look at life. In time, we break our habit of noticing what’s going wrong, and start a new habit of noticing what’s going right. This act alone, when applied consistently, can turn a pessimist into an optimist in as little as 21 days.

I’m not seeing changes. Am I doing something wrong?

Everyone is different. Some people with extremely painful or abusive backgrounds, or people who, as a way of life, are very negative, make the slowest progress. So many people who are not seeing results enter into the program with intentions that are not congruent with what the program offers. But that is simply because of how they have been trained to view life and themselves.

However, more than anything, else people who don’t see change in a reasonable length of time are usually not actually working the plan. Remember, going through the motions is not working the plan. Working the plan is when we engage ourselves in the process.

Read over the entire Heart Physics FAQ and see what speaks to you. Then, you may want to listen to the introductory CDs again to make sure you are actually engaging yourself. Then, do the program again and be sure to set your intention, i.e., decide that you intend to experience Christ in your own heart.

Don’t “beat yourself up.” Don’t become negative or critical. And don’t make time an issue. If you have developed a life problem that is deep and destructive, how long it takes to bring about change is not the issue. The fact that you will bring about change is the issue. When a person who has had a painful illness gets healed after 20 years of trying, they never complain about how long it took. They simply rejoice that they no longer hurt!

Is this ok to use on my children?

We have had great reports of success from children. Some of the best reports were from children who had been labeled to have “learning disabilities.” Some parents do the meditations with their children. Some parents let their children do as much of a meditation exercise as the child will do. 10 minutes is better than nothing.

Many parents use the bonus CD at night to help their children sleep. Amazingly we have children who ask to do the meditations when they feel themselves getting tense or afraid.

In the future we plan to have a program just for children. Check the product list to see if they are currently available.

I have seizures, can I do this?

We have never had a report of a person having seizures as a result of doing the meditations. However, to be responsible, I must recommend that you consult your physician. Unfortunately, many physicians do not actually understand binaural beats. There is also the fact that different people are affected differently by the same stimuli. Regrettably, it often becomes a case of trial and error to see how something affects you. Even if you physician give you the ”go ahead,” I would recommend that the first few times you have a safety plan in place in the event that you have a negative experience. The first thing I would do when reaching a deep state of relaxation is say to myself, “This will be a good experience and will have no negative effects. I choose to have a seizure free experience.”

What if I can't breathe through my nose?

This is a common situation. When you can’t breathe through your nose you have no choice but to breathe through your mouth, but you can still touch your tongue lightly to the roof of your mouth. I’ve had to do that many times when I a stuffy nose. But the key thing is to use headphones.

When we breathe deep there are many things that happen. It helps balance our pH which is critical for health. Diaphragmatic breathing messages the internal organs increasing blood supply (nutrients and oxygen) to the organs for healing and recovery. Plus, touching the tongue to the roof of your mouth helps engage both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which greatly influences our heart. So touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth and deep breathing is greatly beneficial  whether through the mouth or nose.

But the key think you must always do if you want the greatest benefit is use headphones when doing the exercises. It is the binarial beats programmed into the exercise that slows the brain waves and makes it easy to relax. Every benefit of heart Work increases in proportion to one’s ability to relax. But most important, without relaxation it is nearly impossible to write on your heart!

What are the subliminal messages?

The word subliminal means “below the threshold.”  It is talking about sensory input that is below the threshold of the conscious mind. One of the reasons people stay stuck where they are is they live out of their mind and not their heart. The mind seeks to preserve your ego, i.e., your false sense of identity based on the intellectual information you have gathered. In other words, the mind wants to always prove that what you think is right. It is the primary cause for people staying “stuck” in life. Input that comes to us in a way that is beneath the threshold of the intellectual mind will not be filtered out and rejected.

God actually introduced and utilized the concept of subliminal input in the Old Testament. He instructed Jacob to whittle the bark off of limbs so they would appear to be streaked and spotted. He then had him place those limbs in the watering trough where the flock would water and breed. The outcome of this subliminal exercise was majority of the flock were born streaked and spotted which increased his inheritance.

When Abram wavered about God’s promises to have children, God would have him attempt to count the stars or count grains of sand. He would remind him, “this is how great your offspring will be.” Abram didn’t realize it, but by seeing these images while pondering God’s promise his heart, he was being effected to move to the place of faith. This was subliminal input!

God told the children of Israel to stack rocks where they crossed the Jordan to enter the Promise Land.  When they passed by the rock they were to tell the story of God bringing them into the land. In time, when their children saw these rocks, they would think of the story of God’s faithfulness. The rocks became a form of subliminal input.

God told people to write his Word on the walls and doorposts, to make jewelry and wear it as frontlets between their eyes. All of these created associations that became subliminal input.

By exposing ourselves to the word of God in a subliminal manner, we reinforce Biblical beliefs and move ourselves past limiting beliefs.

We use audio subliminal messages.

All of the subliminal messages are provided. Before you listen to any of the Motivator or Bonus CDs, read the list of affirmation/confessions and decide if you believe or want them.

Isn't using subliminal messages wrong?

Only if they are used for an ungodly purpose, violate God’s truth, or are used against a person’s will.

Subliminal messages can’t make you do or believe anything you do not want to do or believe. They come to us more as suggestions. We are only “suggestible” to those things we choose to believe. However, most believers choose to believe the Word of God on a conscious intellectual level, but because of legalistic, condemnation, or ignorance of the New Covenant, they reject God’s promises. Receiving the truth in a subliminal message increases the probability of accepting the Word since it is something you want to believe.

In Heart Physics meditations you only accept what you choose to accept.

When subliminal messages are used, you are always made aware of it and you are always provided with a list of the suggestion/affirmation/confessions. You read them over carefully to see they are in the Bible and decide if you want them to be real in your life. You can never be influenced by anything you reject or do not want.

Read the section entitled What Are Subliminal Messages to understand what subliminal messages are and how God used them all through history.

I am bi-polar. Can this help me?

I can’t promise any result with Heart Physics® other than creating a living awareness of Christ in you. Once that becomes your reality, your capacity to trust God to help you solve any of life’s problems will change dramatically. In fact, just the act of relaxing for a period of time everyday has incredibly positive health and emotional benefits.

What is the heart?

The heart is the real you. It the place where your spirit and soul come together, combining the input you receive from the outer world and the input you receive from the inner world to create you beliefs. The heart is the only place where God promises to meet with us through the Holy Spirit to teach us, guide us, comfort us, and express His power (grace) in our lives.

How can I use this in my iGroup?

I have used Heart Physics® in group settings many times. Heart Physics® is far more effective when done with headphones. However, it can be used through a good stereo in a suitable environment.

When doing these exercises in a group, people must agree to remain quiet, not move around, and not do things that would distract others. Have everyone use the restroom before they begin so they won’t become uncomfortable and distracted. Have people sit in chairs that make it possible to put their feet flat on the floor and their knees pretty much level, forming a right angel with the lower leg. (A chair that is too low, making the knees too high, causes back pain.)

Sometimes the synergy of the group adds an interesting change in what the individual experiences.

Why is Heart Physics® so expensive?

It took 20 years of study, trials, and clinical experience to develop Heart Physics®, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each new module cost about $10,000 plus time to develop. $250 is a small amount to pay for such a product. Many self-development tools of this quality cost as much as $1000. When you invest in yourself, it never costs, it pays!

If I spend $250 on Heart Physics®, what is it going to do for me?

You will get exactly what we tell you, if you apply yourself and follow the instructions and engage your heart. The question is not, “Is Heart Physics worth what it costs?” The question is, “Is having an abiding sense of Christ in you is worth the time and expense?”

I’m afraid to do the meditation, isn’t it the same as hypnosis?

No it’s meditation, something the Bible tells you to do.

What is the difference between the meditation and hypnosis?

While there are many similarities between meditation and hypnosis, there are also many differences. The primary difference is in biblically-based meditation, you are choosing to make your focus and experience something that is Christ centered.

Meditation is where you think about, ponder, reflect or imagine something until you experience as being real in the present. This is exactly what Kenneth Hagin and all the faith teachers described when talking about working faith. You have to believe you have it now! That happens because you experience as being your in the present instead of looking to some time in the future.

Isn’t hypnosis of the Devil? Isn’t it mind control?

No! Hypnosis is not of the devil! That is something that was made up by ignorant, religious people who didn’t know what hypnosis really is and passed their false beliefs onto others as fact. Nothing you’ve ever seen on television or heard in church about hypnosis is true or accurate.

Hypnosis is a state which a person enters where they become “suggestible.” They cannot be controlled. Forced control is done by brainwashing. Brainwashing is a long pain process that is designed to get a person to act against their will. In Hypnosis, much like meditation, a person in a suggestible state is a person who is more open to input. However, in hypnosis, or meditation, a person can never be made to do what they would never do. They always have full control and they can stop the process any time they desire simply by opening their eyes or by not agreeing with what they hear.

When you see a “stage hypnotist” get people to do ridiculous things, those people are in full control. The performer is usually very trained at identifying people who would be open to doing bizarre things for entertainment value. But be assured, they have never lost control!

In hypnosis, people are often able to recover memories that their conscious mind has blocked. Therefore, they are able to see those situations differently. In Biblical meditation, we have the Word of God as our basis, the Grace of God as our power, and the Spirit of God as our guide, comforter, and protector.

When a person gets saved, the Bible says we get a new heart, so why do we need Heart Physics® if we have a new heart?

We do get a new heart at salvation. However, because we are the ones who manage, influence, and write things on our heart, we have the ability to re-attach ourselves to old beliefs, or when we have negative experiences after getting saved, they often affect our heart in a negative manner.

At salvation we are supposed to believe “in our heart” that God raised Jesus from the dead. Even though our heart has been made new, that doesn’t mean we have really established our heart’s beliefs in every aspect of what we have through the resurrection of Jesus. That is a journey, not an event.

Most people after getting saved continue to live out of their mind/intellect and not their heart. Therefore, they have little awareness of “Christ in them” as their hope of glory. Heart Physics® is not aimed at getting a person a new heart. Heart Physics® is aimed at getting people in touch with their heart so they can hear the voice of God for themselves.

Because we get a new heart at salvation, the only ministry to the believer that is legitimate is to connect with the heart, or to put off old beliefs, and put on new beliefs about who we are and what we have in Jesus i.e. put off, put on.

I have been a Christian Counselor for 30 years. I counsel about getting past the past, so why do I need to take Heart Physics New Beginnings® before I can do the Ultimate Put Off-Put On Heart Physics® module?

The order of the modules was developed out of years of study, research, and clinical application. There is always a functional reason why they are placed in a particular sequence, just as the individual module is designed to follow a certain process for optimal progress. The people who get the least results from our programs are the ones who do not follow the sequence.

No matter what we call it or how we do it, the only legitimate ministry to the believer is to put off limiting beliefs and put on biblical beliefs about what we have through the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. The only basis for put off, put on, is the cross of Christ i.e. the death, burial and resurrection.

Since Jesus has done a completed work, His part is finished. There is nothing left but for us to believe the truth in our heart… not our mind. When we first heard the gospel, we probably only heard about the fact that through His death and resurrection our sins were forgiven, so, we believe for and experience salvation and little else. But as we hear about healing, peace, righteousness, victory over sin, and other provisions of the cross, we must believe those in heart as well. It is not enough to simply believe a doctrine; our faith for any provision of God must be rooted in the cross. New Beginnings is the starting place for taking every belief to the cross to experience it through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

By establishing the cross as our basis for put off – put on, we have the foundation to utilize highly developed tools to quickly and easily put off the emotions, feelings, and beliefs that drive and produce destructive behavior, and put on who we are in Christ.

When I meditate I get this heavy feeling in my head like a helmet. What is causing this?

Everyone is different, so there could be any number of reasons. We have found that true relaxation is foreign to the majority of people. So much so, that they tend to resist it. When we are not familiar with relaxation, we associate it with exhaustion or tiredness. It may be that you just need to give yourself permission to relax. As you get comfortable relaxing, you can allow yourself to more effectively notice every experience and ask your heart why you are having that experience. You’ll be surprised what you learn when you ask your heart while in a meditative state. Always remember that when you get relaxed, you can tell yourself what kind of experiences you will allow or not allow and that will determine what you actually experience. You are always in control; the heart will always follow your directions.

Is Heart Physics Essential® the same as ‘Change Your Heart, Change Your World'?

No! Change Your Heart, Change Your World is teaching i.e. information. Information does not change your heart. Unfortunately, we have drifted so far from the biblical teaching of meditation that we fool ourselves into thinking the excitement we experience from getting new information is changing us. But Jesus said, “The degree of thought, study and meditation you give to what you hear determines how much life comes back to you.” According to Jesus, when we don’t ponder, consider, and reflect (meditate) on what we hear, we lose it. It is only as we follow His instructions that the Word can actually influence our heart. Information alone has never changed anyone. It can bring some benefit; it can give the Holy Spirit something to work with, but until we take ownership and actuate it, it is just seed laying on the top of the soil.

Can I make copies?
Copies can only be made with written permission from Impact Ministries. It is rare that when a person makes copies they actually copy everything. The borrower usually doesn’t get everything they need and they have a bad experience.
I don’t seem to be able to relax?

The failure to relax is a plague of our generation. This is the very reason we take people through a relaxation process. If you do not relax the body and mind, you cannot hear the voice of your heart.  In fact, when a person is stressed, angry, fearful, or experiencing negative emotions, they begin to think with a part of their brain that actually blocks the signals from the heart, which means you cannot hear the voice of God. If you are a ”high stress” person, you may need to take some extra steps to relax. Don’t drink stimulants like soft drinks, coffee, red bull, or even sweets before attempting to meditate.

You may have to take a hot bath. Adding some Epson Salts can add to the relaxation process. I love to meditate in my sauna or after I have been in the hot tub.

Be sure to choose a place where you do not anticipate distractions. That thought in the back of your mind will keep you in an outer awareness.

Choose a time of day that works best for you. Make sure you don’t feel rushed or pressured for time.

Choose a place that lends itself to relaxation. Leave your phone in another room, give your family instruction to not bother you under any circumstance, and put a note on the door.

The binaural beats that are programmed into the meditation exercises are the primary thing that causes your brain waves to slow down. These are most effective when you use a good pair of headphones. If you use headphones that cover the entire ear, you will block outside noise which is another plus.

"I just want to send a quick note to say that I have started the Put Off-Put On and it hits the spot. It is God's answer to my 10-year prayer for complete emotional healing and I did not even know it. Now I know how to deal with the traumas and hurts that have affected my body and nervous system. Thank you so, so much for your ministry. It has blessed us in so many ways!"

"Even though we go through trials because we live in a fallen world, He really is our refuge, our high tower, and our safe place to rest and abide. I finished the four-week program and definitely feel a difference in my heart. I feel more peaceful and more sensitive to the Holy Spirit within."

"HeartPhysics® helps you to understand exactly who you are in Christ and brings you to a place of freedom and acceptance that many people can only hope for. I strongly suggest this program for those who are searching to find true purpose and identity."

"I started the Heart Physics® program and began having incredible results from day one. After the first day, I awakened with such peace and totally pain-free. I have a lot of neck and jaw pain and usually awaken in pain. I awakened very relaxed and pain-free."

Lasting Transformation Begins in Your Heart.