Moving Your Invisible Boundaries

Moving Your Invisible Boundaries
Anyone who is serious about making this journey of the heart should start with this book.

Moving Your invisible Boundaries is a comprehensive book that provides an in depth biblical understanding of the heart and its function. It will provide you with biblical principles, easy to use application and prepare you for explicit principles of living from the heart. Almost all of your questions concerning the heart , biblical meditation and dozens of related topics will be answered. It will be the book you reference for the rest of your life to understand your heart journey.

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Moving Your Invisible BoundariesHave you ever set goals, trained for maximum results, and followed the same personal development plan that seems to work for everyone else, only to hit an ‘invisible boundary’ that causes you to fall short? Unless you know how to expand your heart you will sabotage any success that might take you beyond your current heart boundaries. Even if you manage to push past your current heart boundaries, chances are you will experience some catastrophic event that pulls you back within the limits of life as you have known it! Moving Your Invisible Boundaries is the result of forty years of research and clinical practice. These principles have been proven in counseling sessions, drug recovery programs, personal mentoring and by thousands who have put them into practice through Dr. Jim Richards’ Heart Physics Programs. This book is designed to take you past information, past self-growth and into a life that experiences God, His promises, and the resurrection life of Jesus. By discovering and implementing the distinctions between the mind and the heart you will experience the secret to limitless living! Rather than just hearing and reading the transformation stories of others, your life will be a transformation story. When you learn how to change your heart you will be able to move your invisible boundaries and begin to experience the joy of limitless living!

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  1. Sandra Montes

    Hi Dr. Richards, I viewed on youtube Sid Roth show. How to Activate Every Promise in God’s Word. I know for sure that I was lead by the spirit to see the show. The Lord began to speak to me days before along the lines of the same subject. I had never heard such infomation until I heard you. The Lord told me to trust Him with my weight lost and it would be by His word. There is something in my mind, or soul that was preventing victory. Will this book help me in that area. Thanks Sandra Montes

    • Impact Ministries

      Sandra, Yes is the short answer to that question. Information will not change your life and this is not a book that will just give you more information. At the end of each chapter there is an exercise that Jim suggest you do. If you will do those exercises and apply what is taught in each chapter your life will change and you will be able to get in touch with the beliefs in your heart, those things that we believe about ourselves that keep us from walking in the promises of God.
      Please contact me if you have more questions or need support during this process.
      Pat Richards

  2. Neil Gracie

    Hi Jim
    I want to purchase Moving Your Invisible Boundaries in the UK but I can’t see it – not even Amazon seems to have it. Can you tell me where it is available?
    I have read Grace and How to Stop the Pain – both brilliant books.

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Neil, I’m not Jim but I can tell you the best way to get the Moving Your Invisible Boundaries book is to download it as an eBook from our web site. If you don’t care for that idea then maybe you can ask a local bookstore to order some of Jim’s books and carry them there.

      Pat Richards
      256-536-9402 ext 444

      • Fiona

        Hello Pat
        I am trying to find the link to get the ebook, but can only find the hard copy

  3. Tammy Smiley

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    • Tammy Smiley

      oops I goofed up, hope this doesn’t post!~ sorry you guys. Where do I submit to get my resources from book? thanks, Tammy smiley

  4. Donna Gomes

    Purchased book, order number 1377910712-394



  5. Jennifer Robin

    Hi, this is Jennifer Robin. I just purchased the book sale offer of Moving Your Invisible Boundaries. The order number is 1377912803-581. I’m looking forward to receiving the book and the special offer of additional products from Jim Richards Ministries. Please acknowledge that you have received this order.
    Jennifer Robin

  6. Sharen

    I’m reading this book but have not been able to find the exercises that are mentioned to accompany each chapter to move you experientially through the book. Please help!

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Sharen,
      I don’t have a complete list of the exercises but I’m going to thumb through and see if I can pull out a couple of ideas for you. The first one I found (not the first in the book it just happened to be where I opened the book and started reading) is in Chapter 7 page 76 at the very bottom of the page is an exercise. Purchase the PO or make a list of identity Scriptures. Have you done that? Chapter 6 page 65, “You may want to write this out on some cards and place them where you can see them.” It tells you what to write out.

      Heart Physics was developed with a few scriptures in mind, one is Mark 4:24 And He said to them, Be careful what you are hearing. The measure [a][of thought and study] you give [to [b]the truth you hear] will be the measure [c][of virtue and knowledge] that comes back to you—and more [besides] will be given to you who hear.

      When you read remember you are not reading just for information you are reading to find nuggets of truth that you can apply to your life. Slow down, read with intention. Do not read just to get through the book.

  7. Linda Norris

    Hi. I am reading Moving Your Invisible Boundaries. you state in the first part of the book that if we would like free online support we can go to (….when I try that link it is NOT recognized. Can you help me? Thanks so much. Linda

    • Impact Ministries

      I am the Heart Physics Coach and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.


  8. Joseph

    I sincerely believe that the Wired for Success book is an eye/ mind opener. I have struggled for Years on moving forward with my roller coaster/life and career. Now I
    am struggling financially and ask for your prayers that I can finally move forward with my life and career. I have faith and hope in Jesus that he will help me find a way to get unstuck and on track. It is my sincere goal to be able to assist others in becoming whom they were place here to be and exemplify the God within.Thank you, Joseph

    • Impact Ministries

      Please contact me about the Heart Physics Essential program. This program is designed to help you move forward with your hearts desire and goals and to help identify the limits you may have developed along the way that may be holding you back.

  9. Virginia Robbins

    Dr. Richards sent me a gift and I chose Moving Your Invisible Boundaries; but the page was an error message. Would it be possible to help me get this free gift. Thank you.

  10. Raphael Nyama Chitsva

    Can you give me information on how I can buy your books. I live in Zimbabwe and I was introduced to your publications by Pastor Steve when he conducted a crusade in Gokwe a remote almost rural town in Zimbabwe in 2009. He donated some of your publications to me but I have a strong feeling that if I read your publications I will gain a lot but I do not know how I can sent the money to you. May you assist.

    • Impact Ministries

      Raphael, The easiest and most inexpensive way to purchase Dr Richards’ books is by going to our web site and purchasing them as pdfs. You can do this if you have a credit card or a paypal account.

      Hope this helps,

  11. Sharene Spong

    Hi there. I bought 4 different books and am loving them!!!! However in the book “wired…” The limitations activity that takes 25 minutes is not available. Do I have to purchase it? Thanks

    • Impact Ministries

      The Limitless Living is another Heart Physics module that you can purchase from our Shop. There is a free series that comes with the Wired for Success book. You can find it under the Self-development tab go down to Other Resources and under that menu click on Wired for Success and it will come up.

  12. Daneen

    Where is the “Living Under Lordship Discipleship Program” mentioned in “Moving Your Invisible Boundaries”? Thank you.

  13. Isaac Barnes

    I bought your book: Moving Your Invisible Boundaries, ebook format on 10th April -15. Even though payment has been made at your website, the link has not been made available to me to download the ebook.

    Please make the download available


    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Isaac,
      In the copy of the invoice that you received if you look into the body of that invoice you will see the Download: and next to that you will see the link for that download, just mouse over it and click.

      Let me know if you need more help.

  14. Ed Devine

    Hi, I’ve been trying to find the exercises mentioned at the end of each chapter in the book MYIB. I’ve watched the video at the above mentioned site in which Jim again states the there are exercises at the end of each chapter. Is there a separate set of instructions I should have? I’d like to use the book for a group study.
    Thanks, Ed

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Ed,
      These are some examples of Jim is calling exercises at the end of each chapter.
      CHAPTER 6
      This is the beginning of renewing your mind. Renewing your mind is part
      of the process of fully persuading your heart. But it all starts with this: all that I
      was is dead. I will in no way yield to the false realities of my “old man.” You may want to write this
      out on some cards and place them where you can see them. “All that I was, all that I thought I was, is
      now dead. I died with Jesus. That person is crucified with Christ.” Every time you see one of the
      strategically placed cards, acknowledge this truth. When you find yourself giving in to old patterns, whisper or scream this truth, whatever is appropriate for where you are and how you feel.
      Then simply say to the temptation, “I am dead to you, you have no power over
      me.” Then choose how you really want to respond to your current challenge.

      CHAPTER 7
      At this point, you may want to either order The Prayer Organizer or make
      your own list of identity Scriptures. After using the flash cards to declare your
      death to sin, quote those identity Scriptures. Acknowledge who you are in Him!
      But don’t do it in an impersonal way; direct all of your communication directly
      to Him. “Because I am in you, I have life, light, and love. Because I have Your
      grace, I choose to walk in light, life, and love. By your stripes I have been healed.
      I call myself whole, well, and completely healed.” As you say these Scriptures,
      experience them in your own thoughts, mind, and emotions. See yourself living
      as if they are true and working in your life at this very moment!

      CHAPTER 9
      You may want to take a few moments before moving forward and affirm:
      all that my life is, outside of Jesus, died on the cross. That man is dead. I am
      raised up with Jesus in resurrection life, now! Therefore, sin has no power over
      me. Because of the incredible price Jesus paid, I know I can trust Him; therefore,
      Jesus, I surrender every aspect of my life to you as Lord. I choose to be a disciple.
      I want to live like you lived. As you are right now at the right hand of God, so
      am I!

      Contact me if you need further help.

      • Heather

        I have all you material I have one question how do I get my imagination to work the way it should. I believe the things that happened to me as a child my imagination doesn’t work can you help me with this

        • Impact Ministries

          Hi Heather,
          Many people have this problem or think they have this problem, and I would be happy to help you.
          Please send me an email to with a couple of good times for me to get in touch with you. Don’t forget to include your phone number and your time zone and we’ll make arrangements to get together and talk about this.


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