Heart Physics: Painless, Permanent, Effortless Transformation

Heart Physics is based on the same proven principles that have worked in psychiatry, psychology, hypnosis, fundamental biblical truths and eastern meditation. Our research indicates that semantics create the primary gap between some of the major root applications in these various modalities.
Cutting edge science tells us that the sub-conscious mind may well include the cellular memory of the cells of the body. More research reveals that the biblical teaching on the heart and how it controls the entire human being is a reality. By changing the beliefs, perceptions, and associations of the heart, our automatic responses on a conscious level change. Based on this model, any behavior can be changed by simply replacing an old ineffective belief with a new belief.
Likewise, the biblical principle of put off put on coincides with the scientific model of cellular memory and our ability to change the impact of past events on our health, emotions and relationships.

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