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  1. Richard Keith McIntyre

    My question to you is if God fills all our needs, and I do believe he does, how can my wife and I, married for only 3 1/2 years love each other and do things for each other knowing that God will supply them for us and not us. I am relly struggling with this. Please help. Thanks, Rick

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Rick,
      The best way to answer this for you is to send you to the book “The Gospel of Peace”. This is very clear about what God has promised and hasn’t promised and how He will provide what He has promised. I would love to talk with you about this.
      Contact me at and we’ll set up a time when we talk a little more.

  2. Minister Nick


    I paid the first of 4 $48 payments for the electronic version of the Heart Physics Essentials course. Unfortunately, however, I never received an email with my login information or a receipt. My name is Nicholas Gentile. Will you please send me my login information? Thank you.

    • Dr. Jim Richards

      Have you had everything resolved that you needed? If not you can call me Pat 256-536-9402 444


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