Becoming a Successful Heart Physics Coach

A coach is very much like a personal consultant. Heart Physics® coaching can be done along with your current approach to personal ministry, health care, life coaching, or any other environment where you are endeavoring to help another person reach their goals.

Because Heart Physics® is so effective at bringing about transformation it should increase your demand as a professional consultant. People pay big money for consultants that get results whether it is in the area of health care, personal success, or solving life’s problems. Remember, the more you successfully use these tools in your own life the more successful you will be at helping others.

Here are some suggestions and guidelines for your future success:

  1. Be sure to stay within the legal boundaries for your state. Know the laws for the work you do; don’t assume to know.
  2. Become a master at asking the right questions. We need to know what people really want, what they are willing to do to get there, and what they are doing that prevents it (their fears and beliefs.) And we have to gather this information in a conversational manner that does not make them feel violated.
  3. Keep good notes about the questions you ask and your clients’ responses. Not only will this help you serve them more effectively, it is also great legal protection.
  4. Be sure to observe all the professional protocols in your 10 Personal Case Studies. These protocols are identical to what you will do as a consultant.
  5. You can’t do for others what they should do for themselves. Only the individual can change their heart; it is the way God created us. If they are not willing to do the work for themselves we can’t do it for them.
  6. Never make claims, promises, or declarations. The client must do that for themselves.
  7. Learn how to be a great facilitator who is allowing them to be led by their own heart.
  8. Never get locked into your predetermined idea about the process; deal with problems in the priority presented by the heart.
  9. When a person has a crooked heart the Word of God is the only way to keep them from destruction. They must renew their mind so all their thoughts and beliefs are based on God’s Word as understood through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.
  10. Protocol for Case Studies: Whether doing a case study or working with a client you will use the same approach. You will always be helping a person reach a goal or overcome a problem – the process for both is the same. The motivation for the client getting help is the only thing that is different. 

In one-on-one counseling and consulting Limitless Living is the Put Off – Put On exercise I use more than anything else. In your case studies it is this exercise I want you to use, whether you use the CDs or simply do the exercises by leading people through it yourself.