Where Do I Start?

No matter what your intention is, start with Essential Heart Physics®. This is where you establish yourself in the very basic of Christ in you. Without this reality, none of the other modules will produce very much fruit. This is also where you establish yourself in the mechanics of relaxation and meditation. The inability to relax makes it impossible to access or influence your heart.

As you work through Essential Heart Physics® take your time. This is not a race. Getting through the program is not the goal. Experiencing what God wants you to experience is the goal. You may find that you want to repeat a particular week several times. That’s alright. If that is where your heart is leading you, go with it!

If you stop, simply start back when you’re ready. Don’t beat yourself up! Don’t make excuses or look for anyone to blame. Just accept, “I’m not really ready to make this journey.”

You may find you want to repeat this or any of the modules several times. You may find that your experience will be different each time.




The second module that should be completed is New Beginnings. This is where you connect with the death burial and resurrection of Jesus. It is impossible to become who you are in Jesus, apart from sharing in the resurrection life of our Lord and Savior! This module prepares you for The Ultimate Put off – Put on Experience. With this foundation, you will be able to face and conquer any repetitive issue. You will be equipped to use all the advance Heart Physics® tools for transformation.



The Ultimate Put Off – Put On Experience

Since we have been raised up with Christ and are seated with Him in heavenly places there is nothing left for us to get from God! We have everything that pertains unto life and godliness. Our only struggles are in the areas where we believe and function as if we are still who we used to be (the old man). The Bible offers only one form of ministry that actually produced fruit for the believer: Put off the old man, renew your mind and put on the new man. There isn’t anything else. All forms of counseling, personal or pulpit ministry should have this as their goal.

This in-depth program will teach you how to put off the old man and put on the new man quickly, easily and reliably.

What about renewing my mind?

Renewing your mind is essential for putting on the new man. If you don’t know and believe the truth about what you have and who you are in Jesus you can never experience transformation. Religious tradition has taught us things that are not true and it has left out major portions of what is ours in the New Covenant. We are perishing because of a combination of a lack of knowledge and incorrect knowledge.

Our Cognitive Support section is designed to give you essential information to renew your mind in a way that is harmonious with what you are establishing in your heart. The more you combine Cognitive Support (renewing the mind) with your heart work the more dramatic and effortless transformation will be.

What’s next?

If you desire to help others use these tools, this would be the time to seek certification as a Heart Physics® Coach. For a complete explanation of our certification training go to Certification Programs.

If you are seeking to develop your personal life, look at the various Heart Physics® Modules and seminars that are available. You can develop your heart beliefs in the areas of health, relationships, finances, team building and personal growth. New Heart Physics® modules are released every year.


"I just want to send a quick note to say that I have started the Put Off-Put On and it hits the spot. It is God's answer to my 10-year prayer for complete emotional healing and I did not even know it. Now I know how to deal with the traumas and hurts that have affected my body and nervous system. Thank you so, so much for your ministry. It has blessed us in so many ways!"

"Even though we go through trials because we live in a fallen world, He really is our refuge, our high tower, and our safe place to rest and abide. I finished the four-week program and definitely feel a difference in my heart. I feel more peaceful and more sensitive to the Holy Spirit within."

"HeartPhysics® helps you to understand exactly who you are in Christ and brings you to a place of freedom and acceptance that many people can only hope for. I strongly suggest this program for those who are searching to find true purpose and identity."

"I started the Heart Physics® program and began having incredible results from day one. After the first day, I awakened with such peace and totally pain-free. I have a lot of neck and jaw pain and usually awaken in pain. I awakened very relaxed and pain-free."

Lasting Transformation Begins in Your Heart.