1. Ps. Ernest Ohene

    I got to know the Man of God through Sid Roth’s ‘It’s Supernatural’ show. I am really activated to live in heart-intimacy with God by the supernatural love that flows from Doc as he shares his testimony and heart faith in the finished work of Christ. I am really hungry for more.

  2. Paul Miles

    How do I find Limiting Belefs?

  3. Bill

    Where is the pricing? I keep clicking on the blue buttons that say buy now but nothing ever takes me any place where there is a price and a way to purchase if I decide to do so.

    • admin

      Hi Bill,
      Thanks for your note. Each ‘Buy Now’ button on this site links to the appropriate store page on That store page has the pricing, section choice and checkout options. On which specific resource are you clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button that isn’t allowing you to go to the Impact Ministries store?
      Thanks again for writing in. Looking forward to solving the problem with you.

    • Impact Ministries

      Once you click on the Buy Now Button it will take you to the product . Then when you choose CD, DVD or MP3 it will give you a price.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Dean

    Hello there, is there a Heart Physics Coach in the Vancouver BC area? Or anyone who can help me with it? I’ve been at it for 5 years and have had very limited results. igroups haven’t helped either. Thanks

  5. Bev

    A friend told me to get your teaching on healing. One that tells us why we have recurring illness because of our beliefs or thought. What teaching would that be? I prefer book or cd maybe DVD

  6. Karen Kelly

    We are reading Wired for Success Programed for Failure.
    There is reference to a limiting belief excercise that takes 25 minutes that can be found on the heart physics website. I could not find it. Can you help???


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