The Nine Virtues Meditation

Nine Virtues Meditation


Includes 1 CD

The Nine Virtues Meditation arose from my private time with God. As I pondered being one with God the Holy Spirit led me down a path that revealed, “If you are one with God you are one with His character and virtue.” Over the years this revelation expanded into many powerful concepts that affect our life on every level. First, this meditation connects you with the character of God. It takes you deep into understanding His nature. The result is a deeper, more immovable trust.

As you connect with who God is you find yourself melting into one with those same virtues. This is not just a picture of who God is, but who He is in you! It is the next natural step after the I Believe in God Meditation.

After just a couple of weeks using this meditation you will realize a shift occurring in your character. You will discover yourself bringing the virtue of God into the world around you. After all, Jesus said, You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world, I have given you the glory the Father has given me!


  1. Mike

    Would this be the cd to use if seeking to change destructive beliefs of the heart? If not, which cd would you recommend?
    Thank you for your time and attention.

    • Impact Ministries

      Jim says he uses the Limitless Living program more than any of the modules but if you are new with Heart Physics we always recommend that you start with the Heart Physics Essentials program first.

      If you need help please contact me.


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