Single and Lovin' It!

Single & Lovin' it
This Heart Physics Module will give you tools to deal with two of the most pressing issues for the single person: Attracting love and living in purity.

The two Heart Physics exercises in this program will move from the realm of searching for love to attracting love.

Single & Lovin' It

Essential Heart Physics:

Includes 3 CD’s

Jesus taught about the law of attraction. Based on His teaching we will attract into our lives what we hold in our heart. And the only way to change this cycle is by changing what is written on our heart. As you write new truth on your heart about you, you will attract a completely different kind of person.

For the first time instead of being told that you ought to live a life of moral purity, you will be given a tool that dramatically increases your sense of personal value. The result of this shift will be a new sense of self that cannot give your heart, your love or your body to someone undeserving.

Use these tools and discover how to live single and love it! In fact, you’ll love being single so much it will take someone wonderful for you to give up this great life!

 CD1 Single & Lovin’ It Teaching
CD2 My Love Is Precious Heart Physics Exercise
CD3 Attracting Love Heart Physics Exercise



  1. Maria abbatino

    Jim richards I adore you so much , I have been listening to you for a couple of months and my life has changed forever! Your amazing man that is truly a gift to me and the world , it makes me tear up when I think of all the years I was misled of what it meant to live a Christian life .i wanted so much to live what the word said but didn’t know how, until I met you ! My dream is to meet you to thank you in person for being used my our lord. My number is 416 627-3101 would me honoured to hear from you please let my dream come true! Thank you so much for being real! I am transformed !

    • Impact Ministries

      I am going to make sure that Jim sees this message. Hope your Christmas was happy and bright and in your New Year that you focus on all that is good and worthwhile.


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