New Beginnings

Heart Physics Advanced NB with CDs 3D 400

This program gives you the HeartKey to lock the door to the past and open the door to a new future!

We can only be empowered to live our new life in Christ when we have died to our old life. We can only experience our new identity when we have surrendered our old identity. This only happens when we join Jesus in His death, burial and resurrection through faith in our heart!

We are made righteous when we believe in our heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead. We experience the power of salvation when that is our confession. When we believe in the resurrection, in our heart it affects our identity (i.e., how we see and experience ourselves). It is impossible to live in resurrection power until we have united with Him in the resurrection. Uniting with Him in death is where we leave the past behind, once and for all. Uniting with Him in His resurrection is where we put on the new man aligning ourselves with God’s calling and destiny.

This program gives you the HeartKey to lock the door to the past and open the door to a new future!

This is your chance to use the power of Heart Physics® to enter an entirely new level of positive, painless, permanent, effortless transformation!

In this Bible-based, groundbreaking heart experience you will be able to break the power of life-long habits, repeated struggles, or recurring failures. The past will never be a factor in determining your future!

Just imagine facing the future free from past fears. This may be the first time in your life that you can build a new track record – a new sense of self-confidence that is not based on past failure!

Every barrier in your life started as a belief. All it will take is one new HeartZone belief and that barrier will be gone forever.

In New Beginnings you will:

  • Experience the freedom of the crucified life
  • Leave the past behind
  • Establish new unlimited beliefs
  • Connect with resurrection life
  • Start new in any area of life

If you have ever wanted a New Beginning this is your opportunity. With just two weeks of Heart Physics® exercises you will be able to start fresh in any area of your life – a new future – a new power – a new beginning!

This is an Advanced Heart Physics® module

orange-buy-now8 sessions, available in CD ($199) or MP3 download ($140) Set includes Advance Heart Physics Journal and quick start guide.


  1. Kim Saleh

    To whom it may concern:
    I was just wanting to make sure I did my order for the Book party order of “Moving your invisible boundaries” on August 27th I think it was- through Amazon and through this site correctly- I am just very excited about receiving this blessing of Heart Physics. I received my book from Amazon and didn’t know if it all was suppose to come together or how it worked. Thanks for your time-ANd meay God bless you for all you do-
    In Him,
    Kim Saleh

  2. David Parker

    If Moving Your Invisible Boundaries is available as an ebook can you please send the link?

    Thanks – David

  3. leana

    i cannot get this materials “new beginning” for some reason,

    • Impact Ministries

      Select both a format (CD or MP3) and a week (week 1, week2, or ‘No week required for CD’) to get the ‘buy now’ button.

      If you need more assistance please email me personally


  4. Elizabeth Sharplin

    week 4 says check out advanced modules and become a heart physics member. where do I find information on this membership? Thanks.

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Elizabeth,
      In just a few days I am launching a Facebook group called From My Heart to Yours. If you will send me your Facebook name I will send you an invitation when I get it set up.

      • Donna

        I’m trying to find your “From My Heart To Yours” Facebook group, however there are many different ones, so I’m not sure which one to ask to join. I would appreciate help in this area.

        Thank You,

  5. Elizabeth Sharplin

    It also says you have igroups – I would like info on that as well. Thanks!

  6. Lisa L.

    Blessings to Dr. Richards and Crew 🙂

    I recently purchased the New Beginnings program from the Heart Physics program thinking it was the starting point of the series but I think the Essential Heart Physics is the starting point. Can you please clarify this for me?

    Also, I was wondering if there was any way to defer the payments for the Essential Hear Physics over 8 weeks as apposed to 4 weeks? I appreciate the 4 week plan you offer but given my confusion with purchasing the New Beginnings program, I was hoping you might consider helping me in this way. I am really excited to get started!

    Thank you so much for this amazing revelation on the heart! I am determined to work thorough all of Dr. Richards teachings over time.

    Thanks again!

    Lisa ♥

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Lisa,
      Sorry about the confusion. Yes the Heart Physics Essential program is where you start. This is the training program, it teaches us the simply principles of relaxation and getting in touch with our own hearts. New Beginnings is the second program in the Heart Physics series and it is important that you understand that each program builds on the other.
      I will contact you personally to see how we can best handle this situation as far as payment goes.

  7. Jeannie

    Have been trying to purchase New Beginnings Heart Physics in the CD format but can’t get it to go to a shopping cart.

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Jeannie,
      I am sorry for your difficulties in trying to make that purchase.
      If you’re still having problems you can call 256-536-9402 x 301 and someone will help you with that purchase.

  8. Jacques Lessing

    If I buy the MP3 format of New Beginnings, you state that the set includes Advance Heart Physics Journal and quick start guide.

    Will this also be available as a download, or how will I get hold of it.


    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Jacques,
      Your Journal is included as a PDF document, I am not sure about the Quick start guide but if you have already done HP Essentials you really don’t need that. It’s the same for both.
      Please contact me at if you have other questions.

  9. iris

    Is there a group that i could join that doesn’t require facebook ?

    • Impact Ministries

      You can go to our web site and look under IGroups and see if there is an IGroup meeting in your area.


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