I Love Righteousness Meditation

I Love Righteousness


Includes 1 CD

The Bible says those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled! If this is the case, why aren’t more people experiencing the power of righteousness? The truth is religious concepts of righteousness cause us to seek the wrong things! Without a proper understanding of righteousness we will be like the children of Israel who sought it but never found it! Why? They sought it according to their own religious definitions!

The issue of righteousness has been the central question in both the Old and the New Covenants.”What makes a man righteous?” has been the question man has asked for 6000 years. Only when we answer the question about righteousness can we experience God’s peace, God’s power, and God’s provision. For this reason the issue of righteousness must be resolved for us to participate in the New Covenant!

Righteousness is not simply that which qualifies us to live the life and promises of God; righteousness is the life that God wants me to live. It is life as it should be! Righteousness is far more than a position with God; it is a position that brings power. It brings the power to live life as it should be….. according to the promises of God!

Because of religious concepts few people have any sense of how to obtain or live in righteousness without ending in legalism. In fact, religious misconceptions probably keep people from seeking righteousness at all; after all, who could ever live up to the expectations of a perfect God?

Righteousness is an issue of the heart, not the mind. Righteousness is not merely a doctrine that we intellectually embrace. Righteousness is a state which we enter into because of what we believe about the finished work of the Lord Jesus. This Heart Physics® exercise is designed to establish you in the belief, power, and position of righteousness through the Lord Jesus. Moreover, it is designed to inspire you to love righteousness and you will only love righteousness when you are fully persuaded that it is yours in Jesus now!

I Love Righteousness will establish you in a life of righteousness that goes far beyond positional righteousness to functional righteousness. It will change the way you treat everyone. It will change the way you feel about yourself. It will cause the righteousness of God to explode in your heart, mind, and emotions. It will cause you to love righteousness and love the God who has given you righteousness!


  1. Janine Jolly

    Would you consider making these Heart Physics meditation CDs available to be purchased as MP3 downloads?

    Thank you.

    • Impact Ministries

      All of our Heart Physics except for The Ultimate Put Off Put On Experience is available as MP3’s


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