I Believe In God Meditation

I Believe in God Meditation


Includes 1 CD

The I Believe in God Meditation is a Heart Physics® exercise developed during my personal process of getting healed of a kidney disease in 1983. God revealed Himself through His name through which there is no separating His promises from His identity. Jesus came to reveal the identity of God to mankind. We can only know Christ as He is if we know who God really is. Through the inheritance of Jesus we share in all the promises of God. All of the promises of God are revealed in His name. I Believe in God is one of the most powerful meditation exercises that can be used to experience physical health and healing; but it doesn’t stop there, it can actually affect our faith for every area of the inheritance.

This exercise is designed to be used simultaneously with the current series, Wisdom for Healing. This powerful series provides the truth of God’s Word regarding how to deal with any hardship through the Put Off /Put On process. Very few people master this process largely because it becomes positive thinking rather than a faith-based exchange founded on the finished work of Jesus. I Believe in God is part one of a five CD series of Heart Physics® Meditations designed to transform your life at the deepest core of your beliefs. Few things you ever do will affect your faith like the I Believe in God Meditation.


  1. Valerie Glor

    I am listening to the cd series, “New Covenant Praying”. I just heard that Dr. Richards did a verse by verse study of Hebrews and it was free on the web. Is this still available somewhere for me to access? They also mention a prayer journal. Is this still available?

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Valerie,
      Jim does a verse by verse Hebrew teaching for the School of Ministries but you must be enrolled for that. The only thing that I can think of that he might have been talking about is our Foundations of Faith class that we do on our web site. You can go to http://www.impactministries.com put your mouse over the Resource tab and you will see the FOF in that menu. Click on it. That teaching is based on Hebrews.

      You can also order the Prayer Organizer by going to the same place and click on the store link.
      If there is any other thing I can do to help please let me know.
      Pat Richards
      256-536-9402 ext 444

  2. Faith Hunter

    I have purchased the I BELIEVE IN GOD cds, wondering if I can get a pdf copy of the words said in the cds.

    • Impact Ministries

      I am not sure if just what you are asking for, you can contact me personally via email so that I can answer your question when I have more details.


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