Abundant Living

Abundant Living
Break Through to Unshakable Faith!

Jesus said, I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. Abundant life is your divine right; it is your inheritance. Jesus paid for it; He brought it into you when you were born again. You can live it – NOW!

Abundant Living

Essential Heart Physics:

Includes 2 CD’s

This incredible audio program can be played in the background while you work; you can listen while you exercise; you can even use it in your sleep. Or, if you choose, you can use it for deep biblical meditation. It is designed to establish your heart in the unconditional promises of God – the ones Jesus died to bring to us!

Faith comes by hearing and hearing occurs when we hear the good news. Establish your heart and mind in the abundant life promised by Jesus. Saturate your thought life with nothing but faith-building Scriptures. And with the use of special soundwaves in the back- ground you can multiply how quickly this transforms your thoughts, your emotions, and your heart.

End the wavering that comes with trials and tribulations. Face negative circumstances with unshakable faith. Move toward health, healing, righteousness, peace, and joy at an incredible pace. Become unmovable in the promises of God.

God made the promises!  Jesus died to guarantee the promises! We should live in the promises!

Disc 1  Instruction
Disc 2 Heart Exercise



  1. Wayne Coates

    my wife and i purchased Heart Physics last year, but now our new computer doesn’t have a cd drive. If we proved we purchased it is there a way I could get a link to be able to download the EHP program to the computer and then to my phone? Or have you been able to do the EHP digitally yet? thanks!


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