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  1. Dianne Adam

    Greetings, I’m in Tulsa and just committed to a 28 week MYIB study at my church (The Journey Place). I logged on for free online support. Question: How do I get to the “cognitive support, exercises and chapter questions?


    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Dianne,

      These are some examples of what Jim is calling exercises at the end of each chapter.
      CHAPTER 6
      This is the beginning of renewing your mind. Renewing your mind is part of the process of fully persuading your heart. But it all starts with this: all that I was is dead. I will in no way yield to the false realities of my “old man.” You may want to write this out on some cards and place them where you can see them. “All that I was, all that I thought I was, is now dead. I died with Jesus. That person is crucified with Christ.” Every time you see one of the strategically placed cards, acknowledge this truth. When you find yourself giving in to old patterns, whisper or scream this truth, whatever is appropriate for where you are and how you feel.
      Then simply say to the temptation, “I am dead to you, you have no power over me.” Then choose how you really want to respond to your current challenge.

      CHAPTER 7
      At this point, you may want to either order The Prayer Organizer or make your own list of identity Scriptures. After using the flash cards to declare your death to sin, quote those identity Scriptures. Acknowledge who you are in Him!
      But don’t do it in an impersonal way; direct all of your communication directly to Him. “Because I am in you, I have life, light, and love. Because I have Your grace, I choose to walk in light, life, and love. By your stripes I have been healed.
      I call myself whole, well, and completely healed.” As you say these Scriptures, experience them in your own thoughts, mind, and emotions. See yourself living as if they are true and working in your life at this very moment!

      CHAPTER 9
      You may want to take a few moments before moving forward and affirm:
      all that my life is, outside of Jesus, died on the cross. That man is dead. I am raised up with Jesus in resurrection life, now! Therefore, sin has no power over me. Because of the incredible price Jesus paid, I know I can trust Him; therefore, Jesus, I surrender every aspect of my life to you as Lord. I choose to be a disciple.
      I want to live like you lived. As you are right now at the right hand of God, so am I!

      Contact me if you need further help.

      • Mary Donchess

        Could you please tell me how to get the free chapter questions that Dr Jim says can be gotten from this support website? I go to the recommended site and only get this page.
        Thank you.

        • Impact Ministries

          Hi Mary,
          Well I’m not sure which resource your looking for as we offer several free things on our web site. If you are looking for Wired for Success Programmed for Failure questions you can go to go to the Self Development tab, go down to Other Resources and you will see the Wired for Success link there.
          If you have other questins please contact me at

          • Leanne

            On page 16 of MYIB, it says there is free online support at this URL. Offering free online cognitive support, exercises and chapter questions.

          • Heartphysics

            I’m sorry but all that Dr. Richards has been able to complete so far is the video. Please keep checking back for more information.

  2. steve gjertsen

    my name is steve gjertsen, my life has been out of control forever but i hav been searching for the truth, praying and asking god to show me. first he showed me the finished work of christ but cudnt get it to work. then god led me to jim richards thru the journey place n tulsa ok. thot i cud get ther other than thru heart, now kno i cant, so im starting today, help

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Steve,
      If you need private coaching I will be happy to help you process any thing you are dealing with.

      Pat Richards
      Heart Physics Coach
      256-536-9402 x 444

  3. Tim Dutton

    I am having trouble finding the free online resources that go with the book moving our invisible boundaries. Please direct me where to find them? Your website was in the book right before the first chapter. Thanks

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Tim,
      We have many free online resources but none of them are specifically for Moving Your Invisible Boundaries. You can find most of our free resources under Making the Journey and the Blog tabs. If you will contact me personally at I will try to help.

  4. Patricia

    Hi Pat
    I am just into the book Moving Your Invisible Boundaries, at the end of read this first. It directs us to go to this page, saying ” Want to put what you’re reading into practice right now? Please visit this link : for free online cognitive supportive exercises and chapter questions. Don’t see anything like that here,can you tell me where to find this material? thank you

    • Impact Ministries

      He is talking about the Heart Physics Essentials program.

      If you are interested you can contact me at 256-536-9402 X 444.

      Pat Richards
      256-536-9402 x 444

  5. Evelyn D. Hernandez

    I have the same question and concerns as everyone above. The book MYIB specifies that the end of each chapter would include exercises, but their are none? It also directed me to this website and there are no chapter questions here either? Please advise.

    • Dr. Jim Richards

      THere is not a list of exercises at the end of the chapter, but in the last tow paragraphs he suggests things you can do.


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