AHP Weekend 2015

Advanced Heart Physics October 16 – 18, 2015

Getting Consistent results 

Join us in Huntsville October 16-18 to learn how to get immediate predictable results.



HPWYou will gain:

  • More practical application
  • Advanced insights
  • Live Exercises
  • Hands-on coaching
  • Advanced Q&A
  • And much, much more!

For a quantum leap in your ability to achieve consistent results with Heart Physics®

This three-day hands-on training will include a combination of lectures and a lot of applications. You will spend time actually working on personal issues using what you have learned.

Don’HPW2014at miss this special weekend!

After coaching others for years I have gathered questions so I can address the most common misunderstandings and help you get the most incredible results in the quickest amount of time.When you register you will have the opportunity to submit your questions to be considered for presentation in the seminar.

 Want to go further?

Whether you are developing yourself as a coach, trainer, seeking a Master’s certification, or just looking to become more effective at developing your own heart, this is an absolute must!

This is what you’ve been training for: getting immediate, predictable results.

Registration $199; Ministry/Couples Special! Purchase one registration regular price receive second registration for $75

Begin by completing the form below.

After submitting you registration form, you will be directed to the Impact Ministries store to complete your registration purchase.

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  1. Toni

    Hello friends,
    I am new to Heart Physics and I am seriously considering traveling to join in this Oct. event. I am from Toronto, Canada.
    I am guessing it be best I go through the basic heart physics program first before I can attend the advanced class.
    Is there hotels located closeby? Any information you can share with me would be most appreciated. God bless!
    Toni Montero-Rios

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Toni,
      Yes to get the most benefit from the Heart Physics seminar coming up in October you need to do the Heart Physics Essential program first. We are such an informational society that we have come to believe that if we just read the next book, hear the next great sermon or someone gives us the “right” formula then we will know all we need to know and we will be “fixed” Heart Physics is one of those things that must be applied to your life and experienced to understand the benefits of the program.
      You can goggle hotels in Huntsville and come up with a list of local hotels and reviews. We do not have anything within walking distance.
      You can contact me personally if you need more information.

  2. Karen

    Can you give me the address for this weekend event so I can choose a hotel close enough thank you.

    • Impact Ministries

      HI Karen, when you submit your registration form it will take you to a page that has some of that information listed for you. Our address is 3516 Broad Place Huntsville, AL 35805

  3. Paul Bättig


    I’ve just registered to the Heart Physics Weekend in October. I might wrote the wrong e-mail adress, because I didn’t receive a order confirmation. I just want to make sure that you received my registration.

    Thank You

  4. Kim

    Could you tell me the times or the iteneray so I can make arrangements. I’ll be driving. Is it online somewhere?
    thank you

    • Impact Ministries

      Hi Kim,
      I don’t think they have post the iteneray yet but I can tell you the first meeting will be Friday night. Registration starts at 6:00 be there early for a good seat! It’s going to be a great weekend and I look forward to meeting you!

  5. Graham

    I am in South Africa and unable to attend in person. Do you have a telecast to be there on line during that time?

  6. Sharon McKee

    Does the October event start Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon? I need to know times to make trip reservations as I am coming from Orlando FL area, probably flying to BHM as Southwest has good rates and then getting a car and a room. Please let me know if anyone else coming wants to share. Thanks!

    • Impact Ministries

      Event states at 6:30 on Friday and ends Sunday between 12:00 and 1:00. Come early for a good seat and registration.

  7. Sharon (Cat) Prevette

    I live in B.C. Canada and would love to come to Huntsville for this event. Are there any scholarships I could apply for? I am a senior on a very small pension but I’ve done all the Heart Physics modules and feel I’m ready for the Advanced Heart Physics. I traveled up to Prince George, B.C. in 2011 to hear JBR in person even though I had very little $ and was the only one to ask for a ‘billet’ which the Lord provided! (I was willing to sleep in my car). Perhaps there’s someone who would billet me there…? I have a belligerant unbelieving husband who would not be happy about me taking this trip if I did have the $ but if I was sponsored, could not object. I have most of Jim’s books and have kept a journal for 45 years. I have been practicing the magnet-put off/on technique for several years now and find it effective. Looking fwd to your reply…^,,^ XOX

      • Sharon (Cat) Prevette

        Transportation and room costs shared would help a lot. How is that going?

  8. TJ

    I noticed the early registration offer expired on September 8th but the email I received was dated September 11th. Are you still offering the early registration discount? Blessings and Shalom!

  9. Tammy

    Hi, can you please tell me what time the event will be finished on the 18th so I can inquire on flights?


    • Impact Ministries

      The event will start on Friday night at 6:30pm and it usually over on Sunday between 12:00 and 1:00.
      If you have to leave because of flight plans we understand.
      Hope this helps!

  10. Tina Sereno

    I would like to go but I waited too long and the flights are expensive from NH or Boston to Huntsville. I just started a new job so I really don’t want to take time off. Will you be having another Advanced Heart Physics course later on?

    Thank you.

  11. Elaine Keynes

    Would love to come but not possible from Australia for me.
    Would love to know if it will be available on MP3 after the event.
    Still following the ministry with great joy, changing my life.
    Still not possible for me to travel so far.
    Praying for the event and know it will be a great blessing, for all who attend.
    Elaine Keynes.

  12. Douglas Jones

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be at this event. Do you have any other ones planned for 2016? Thanks!


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