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Dear Minister,

Thank you for participating and sharing the Moving Your Invisible Boundaries Amazon Book Party Event with you audience!

About Moving Your Invisible Boundaries

As I wrote you earlier, the reason Dr. Jim Richards wrote Moving Your Invisible Boundaries was the opportunity to share with millions of people, in a single, easy to read format, the biblical concepts he has used over the years to help tens of thousands of people, through his powerful Heart Physics® programs, break free from guilt, disease, poverty, addiction, self-defeating attitudes and many other negative influences in their lives. The most important benefit to those who experience Heart Physics® though, is a closer, more intimate relationship with God.

We believe that the message of God’s grace, faith righteousness and the finished work of the cross expressed in Moving Your Invisible Boundaries has the power to free those inside the church from dead ‘religion’ and legalism, and bring the gospel of peace to a hurting world hungry for the reality of ‘Christ in us.’

About the Amazon Book Party

Our Amazon ‘Book Party’ isn’t just another slick marketing idea. We have a more important goal in mind – we want Amazon, the world’s largest bookstore to help us spread the gospel.

The more copies Amazon sells in a given period of time, the higher that book goes on Amazon’s ranking scheme, the higher the ranking the more visibility Amazon gives the book. This means that, potentially, Amazon could share the message of life changing power contained in Moving Your Invisible Boundaries with millions of people who we may never have had the opportunity to reach otherwise.

What’s in it for you and your ministry?

  • Firstly, by participating in this one day project, your ministry will be a part of potentially introducing millions of people, through Amazon, to a powerful, positive life changing message of  God’s grace, faith righteousness and the finished work of the cross.
  • Every participant who purchases a book through Amazon on August 27 will receive a bonus of $249 in free life changing resources from Impact Ministries. Just imagine the lives of those touched by your ministry being equipped not only with the life-changing message of this book, but an additional $249 in Heart Physics® resources!
  • As our special gift to you personally for sharing this event with your audience (congregation, mailing list, blog , Social Media, radio or television show, podcast, etc.) we will give you a free registration to the Advanced Heart Physics Seminar in Huntsville, Alabama October 18-20, 2013.

Here’s how you can be a part of the Moving Your Invisible Boundaries Amazon ‘Book Party’:

  • Download these resources to share with your audience (congregation, mailing list, blog , Social Media, radio or television show, podcast, etc.), We recommend that you share this event with your audience at least once before Tuesday August 27 and at least once on Tuesday, August 27, the day of the event. (download resources by clicking here).
  • Put Tuesday August 27 on your ministry calendar as the MYIB Amazon Book Party. Be there, encourage others to be there, buy a book, receive your free resources, change lives!
  • For those ministries who participate in this outreach by sharing it with their constituents, we have a special gift from Dr. Richards (noted above). If you’ve participated in this event by sharing it with those who follow your ministry please click here to register for your gift.

Thank you in advance for participating in the Moving Your Invisible Boundaries ‘Book Party’ on August 27th! Let’s reach millions, not thousands, with this message of hope and practical teaching for abundant living in God’s grace and the finished work of the cross!

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  1. Rev. Jeff Culver

    Thank you so much for your messages of truth and your plain explanation of them. I have used some of your resources here at our church to great benefit of the people.



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