AHP Weekend Preparation

I am so delighted that you have chosen to participate in Advanced Heart Physics Weekend: Getting Immediate Results. This could be a life-changer for you and for those to whom, you minister! I want you to be able to get predictable, immediate results for yourself and for others. This weekend will give you the tools to reach that level of skill.

There are two videos I want you to watch and one Heart Physics exercise I want you to practice before coming. This will ensure that we are all on the same page. The two videos are instructional and you will only need view them once, but you may have to practice the Heart Physics exercise several times to become proficient.

Advanced Heart Physics Weekend Preparation Video 1 from Dr. James B. Richards on Vimeo.

Advanced Heart Physics Weekend Preparation Video 2 from Dr. James B. Richards on Vimeo.

The Heart Physics exercise is called “Creating A Relaxation Trigger.” It is designed to equip you to instantly reach a deep state of physical relaxation and peace in any situation. This one exercise could save your life. Imagine being able to immediately enter a state of peace and relaxation when you are in a high stress environment. Those who stay in peace when others around them are exploding can avoid heart attacks, strokes, panic attacks and other stress related physiological reactions.

Heart Physics “Creating A Relaxation Trigger”

Jesus said: “Let not your heart be troubled.” Then He began to teach about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, thereby establishing a direct link between our ability to receive the ministry and leadership of the Spirit and abiding in peace. When your heart and mind is at peace you can usually hear the voice of the Lord as He speaks in your heart giving you life saving leadership!

If you’ve done Essential Heart Physics you may have already established a great trigger for relaxation, but I would recommend that you do the exercise again. After you do the exercise test your trigger to see if works. If it does, test it in a room filled with noise and distractions. If it doesn’t work in a noisy, distracting room, practice the exercise repeatedly until it works. Then you may want to give it the “acid test”: go to an environment that always causes you stress and test it. If it doesn’t work, repeat the exercise until it does,

The ability to quickly reach a state of peace will help you in the training, but most important it will help you in life.


Jim Richards

PS Here are a few details about the Weekend:

  1. The doors will open at 5:15 pm, Friday 16th
  2. The session will begin promptly at 6:00 pm
  3. Once a Heart Physics Exercise begins you may not stand up, move around or leave the room.
  4. The sessions will end promptly at noon on Sunday 18thhow-to-stop-the-pain-book
  5. Please read How To Stop the Pain. If you’ve already read it please review it. Freedom from judgment is essential for getting immediate predictable results.
  6. Moving-Your-Invisible-BoundariesIf you haven’t read Moving Your Invisible Boundaries, I would recommend it. If you can’t read it before you come, you would certainly want to pick up a copy while you’re here. It is the textbook for heart work!