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Heart Physics: Painless, Permanent, Effortless Transformation

Advanced Heart Physics Seminar

Huntsville, Alabama October 18-20, 2013

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Have you already purchased Jim Richards’ book, Moving Your Invisible Boundaries? If you have, you’re not only qualified to attend the October 18-20 Advanced Heart Physics Seminar – we’re going to give to special registration discount as well! With this $60.00 discount you pay just $185.00 instead of the standard $259.00 registration fee. But you’ve got to act now, this discount code expires on October 10!

Just use discount code ‘MYIB60‘ at checkout when you register via the www.impactministries.com website or mention this discount code when you register by phone.

If you haven’t purchased and read Moving Your Invisible Boundaries yet, there’s still time before the Advanced Heart Physics Seminar! Click here to purchase Moving Your Invisible Boundaries and qualify for this great discount!

 Remember: Discount code MYIB60 for $60.00 off the Advanced Heart Physics Seminar expires on October 10. Act now!

Call today to register 1.800.284.9402 ext 301 or complete the form below!

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Advanced Heart Physics Weekend
October 18-20 Huntsville, Alabama
Join us live!
Advanced Heart Physics is for the person making the heart journey, fully committed to living from the heart! Now that you have applied the fundamentals of heart work, you need to move beyond the limitations of pre-recorded programs and develop the skill to create your own exercises. Whether you are developing yourself as a coach, trainer, seeking a Master’s certification, or just looking to become more effective at developing your own heart, this is an absolute must!



  1. Dennis Monaghan

    Dear Dr.Richards: I would love to be at the Advanced Heart Physics Seminar especially because I love you , your teachings , and your books and cds. I have essential heart physics, the Gospel of Peace , Moving Your Invisible Boundaries and other books that you have written. Unfortunately with the laws of the land I cannot enter the States at this time:}. I would love to study under your teachings to become certified and or teach others how to become free as I have freely received I will freely give. I hope one day that you can set up in Canada and not just on a half hour program which I enjoy watching as well{Bob and Audrey}I have a heart for people coming out of prison as I spent a decade there myself.Peace my friend and thank God and you for your ministry. In Him , Dennis

  2. Lynnette Oehrke

    ***I will have completed the book Removing Invisible Boundaries in the next 3 days.***

  3. Lynnette Oehrke

    I will have completed the book Removing Invisible Boundaries in the next 3 days.


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