About Case Studies

Case studies are essential for your future as an effective Heart Physics® Coach. An effective coach is a person who equips others to fulfill their dreams and goals and resolve personal limiting beliefs and behaviors, and becomes effective at applying Heart Physics® in their own life.

  • Follow the guidelines provided in:
  • Select case studies from people you are currently working with in your professional pursuits or recruit volunteers. You can explain to volunteers that you are working on your certification. Assure them you will not share any personal information.
  • Use the Case Study Report form to record all the essential information for evaluation.
    • Keep the personal information in your files
    • Number the case studies so you will know to whom they apply
    • Do not provide names of the people who participate in the case studies
    • Fill in each blank and answer every question
  • Fill out each Case Study Report and submit for evaluation
  • If you get “stuck” attempting to help someone use the tools in The Ultimate Put Off – Put OnExperience Heart Physics® Identify if you are limited by some emotions or beliefs. You will discover that working with others will reveal some of your own deepest heart issues.
  • Never share confidential information about any of your clients
    • Keep files and notes in locked cabinets
    • In some states when working with substance abusers there are fines as high as $10,000 per violation of privacy.

Note: Remember that to qualify for as a Heart Physics® Coach you must complete 10 case studies